Martin Levac's solo project

Back to the 80s Levac style!

Available for theatres, festivals, and corporate events


Accomplished songwriter-composer (finalist at the Festival international de la Chanson de Granby in 1996 and 1998), Martin Levac had put aside his own compositions for a few years for the sake of his Dance Into The Light and A Visible Jazz Touch of Genesis projects. He's now back with his own creations, songs inspired by Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, and Earth Wind & Fire, with the vocals and drums in the style of Collins!  Daryl Stuermer (guitarist for Genesis and Phil Collins) collaborated with his signature sound on one piece, bringing us back to the No Jacket Required era.

The 1985 show and album will make you relive all the magic of the 80s as if you went back in time!


Promotional video

Martin Levac - 1985